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In Broadcast and Digital Pay TV Skilled manpower utility requirements will continue to rise, but resources are limited. To circumvent this need, intelligent software systems need to play a major role to effectively utilize the manpower vis Avis Business and We are here to play that key role by balancing manpower with Intelligent systems.

We, at Media Nucleus, continuously monitor evolving global trends in media convergence and accordingly launch and adapt products to fit the needs of the changing landscape. Our consultative approach to understanding customer problems and resolving them with innovative and effective solutions has made Media Nucleus a trendsetter. This has been evident since our first product launch. Our Billing and CRM products for the digital cable market (CAMS) and broadband market (BBS) are the leading products for pay TV and broadband in emerging economies of South East Asia and Africa.


BATS - Sales & Traffic

The product BATS is a menu driven enterprise Ad Scheduling and Billing software tailor made to the needs of broadcasters.

  • Content Rights Management

  • Sales & Billing

  • Traffic and Scheduling

CAMS - digital PayTV billing

We are a market leader in partnering with MSOs by providing them advanced end-to-end Subscriber Management & Billing (SMS) solutions

  • Enabled with MRP (Pre-Paid) model

  • Payment Gateway & Online Portal

  • Integrated with all leading CASs

beOnline - internet billing

ISP billing solutions is end-to-end platform with features like AAA, Mikrotik and RADIUS server giving complete control on bandwidth management.

  • Bandwidth Management

  • AAA setup inSync with Radius

  • Billing based on packages allocation

Media Nucleus

Media Nucleus provides an end-to-end, and proven software platform dedicated to serving the advanced television networks and program FPC originators. Broadcasters can use single platform to manage ad sales & traffic.

  • Broadcast Management System

  • Radio Traffic & Scheduling

  • Digital payTV billing solution - SMS

  • Internet Billing Platform

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