with music organizer & billing

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Features List

Songs Rotation policy 

Sequencing rules for artists, titles

Time slot management

Songs copy paste, drag-drop

Mood based songs profile

Promo, Jingle, liner & scheduling

AsRun Log/Music log reconciliation

Reporting and statistics

Multi station with multi location



air time scheduler

Able to generate playlists automatically based on predefined templates, music and ad-scheduling. Additional items can be inserted in playlists using simple drag & drops, mixes can be refined and voice- tracks recorded. Additional features such as automatic filling, stretch and pre-listening.

ad sales

Agency/Client and ad-campaign management

Excel functionality - copy, paste & drag drop

Automatic insertion of spots in playlists depending on customized rules

RO import, asRun re-concilation & billing

Synchronization of regional/local breaks across multiple stations

Automatic filling for multiple ad zones

Reconciliation for Billing 


Mood based scheduling

Songs scheduling based on mood, genre, actors, music, special day or occasions, movies or any specific combination


music scheduling

hourly based song category wise breakup

easy and advance user based search

auto scheduling based on theme template 

rules & constraints applied