MRP enabled

digital PayTV Billing

Subscriber Management System

BECIL certified cloud Based Pre-Paid as per TRAI compliance 

Key Features

CAMS handles all aspects of creating, managing and cultivating relationships - throughout the customer life-cycle. Its architecture ensures the entire network of internal and external relationships is seamless and geared to enhance the customer experience.

web based hosted solution 

customer service with complain

Pre-Paid / Post-Paid Model

engineer job allocation

integrated with all leading CAS

bulk command option

operator based log-in with rights

complete data migration

operator/agent collection

TRAI based MRP selection

online payment on web & mobile

broadcaster reports 

MRP based 

  • Ala-Carte / Package based price - prepaid
  • Integrated mobile app 
  • Payment gateway
  • CRM with complain management

Packaged Solution



CRM - Integrated with SMS



Web Portal with online payment



Hands on experience

Cloud based and integrated with all leading CAS systems

Single  platform for subscribers, operators  & MSO.

CAMS is a highly cost-effective,  scalable and solution.

SMS - CAMS platform is proven running SMS system in India.


For SMS Product:

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